03.05.2017 -  
After the 1:00 PM Mass at St. Martin of Tours
03.01.2017 -  
02.28.2017 -  
Meeting at 7:45 PM in the Council Hall
02.28.2017 -  
Meeting in Council Hall at 8:00 PM
02.21.2017 -  
Council Meeting at 8:30 PM
02.20.2017 -  
02.14.2017 -  
02.09.2017 -  
Bring your special someone to our Jack McKeon Lounge and share in a romantic dinner evening! Please contact PGK Peter Volberg for details and reservations. Space is limited, so don't be shut out!
02.07.2017 -  
Council Monthly business meeting at 8:30 PM. State Dignitaries will be in attendance as well. Please attend and demonstrate to all the true spirit of the Hartigan Council!
02.05.2017 -  
Touchdown! Come and watch the game and enjoy some of your favorite food and refreshments! Contact Bar Steward Vinnie Romano for further information!