10.04.2016 -  
Meeting at the Council starting at 8:30 PM
10.09.2016 -  
Honoring our Chaplain, Reverend Patrick Woods, C.SsR. Congratulations Sir Father Pat!
10.10.2016 -  
Celebrate the fellow who sailed the mightly Atlantic and discovered America!
10.13.2016 -  
Reservations required. Celebrate a fun time with your fellow Knights and their guests!
10.25.2016 -  
Meeting at our Council starts at 8 PM
10.31.2016 -  
Enjoy the day and night!! Many of our Knights will be trick or treating as they enjoy the day and night with their families and friends! BOO!
12.06.2016 -  
Every Knights of Columbus worldwide lights up their Nativity on the first Tuesday of December at 8PM
12.16.2016 -  
Held at our Council, come join your fellow Knights, friends and families, in this wonderful and delicious celebration of the Christmas Season! More information to follow.